At first, I was skeptical about hiring an attorney. It wasn’t something that I had ever been through, and was unsure about the whole process. When I retained the firm, all my doubts were put to rest. He and his staff worked diligently to help me in my time of need. Most importantly, they kept me updated as to what was happening with my case, and what the next steps were. This information went a long ways to putting my mind at ease, and made everything much less scary. – P.M.

I need to thank the firm and his staff for their tireless work on my case. Their thoroughness and dedication paid dividends and helped reach the settlement that I wanted. – S.J.

I was hurt badly in a car crash. I had medical bills that were piling up and was missing work. I put my faith in the firm to help me. His experience and expertise shone through. I was able to concentrate on rehabilitating my back and he took care of the rest. – G.L.

When I was in an accident, I figured I’d handle the insurance companies myself. Unfortunately, they gave me offers that were insultingly low, even when I tried to bully them. That’s when I hired the firm. He was able to settle with them for more than ten times what they were offering me on my own! the firm gets my highest recommendation! – B.D.

A friend recommended me to the firm. Hiring the firm for my auto accident was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve never seen an attorney that was more passionate about his work and clients, and that went the extra mile to make sure all the details of a case were in perfect order. Also, his extensive knowledge of the insurance and medical was incredibly impressive. I know that if I ever have family or friends that are injured in a car accident, I’m sending them the firm’s way. – J.R.

The firm is very dedicated, professional and detail oriented. You don’t have to be around him long before you realize that he really cares about you and your case. Choosing him as my attorney was the only positive that came out of my car accident. He is extremely knowledgeable with years of experience but will still speak to you in a language you can understand. He will break down step-by-step exactly what each step entails. I could not have gotten better results from anyone else. He also has a competent and friendly staff to assist him. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney. – T.K.

I have found that the firm will fight as hard for you as you do. The firm is a highly experienced, skilled and talented attorney and is of extremely high integrity. – B.L.