Unreasonable Insurance Practices

If you are having issues with your insurance company paying you, you need an insurance defense attorney from the team at the firm, LLP.

If an individual is injured and there is an existing liability policy or an uninsured motorist policy, the injured person often expects full coverage. Insurance companies that operate out of bad faith, “bad faith insurance companies,” will often attempt to deny or stall any benefits you are entitled to. State Farm has been ranked in the top three “bad faith insurance companies” by FBIC. In most states insurance companies are required by state law to act in good faith. Insurance companies are required to do the following among other things, as part of their good faith duties, when handling your claim, something your insurance defense attorney can tell you more about. These include:

  • Promptly investigate your claim
  • Promptly pay you any undisputed portion of claim
  • Communicate often with you regarding the status of your claim
  • Provide a reasonable explanation of any claim denial or offer compromise settlement

An insurance lawyer can help you if an insurance company has failed or refuses to do any of the above, acting in bad faith. If you feel your insurance company has acted unfairly or out of bad faith, call the law offices of the firm, immediately at 1-800-934-4LAW (4529) for a free consultation with an experienced insurance defense attorney. We have worked to get our clients the money they deserve from bad faith insurance companies, including State Farm, for nearly 25 years.

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