Bus, Train, and Taxi Accidents

The firm, is your friend in filing taxi accident claims or any public transit accident claims. While car accidents are the number one cause of serious injuries and death, every year hundreds of people across the United States are injured while using some form of mass transit: taxis, buses, ferries, subways, and trains. Every type of accident case has unique elements that require special investigation in order to get the facts.

Mass transit entities are often governmental agencies, and are subject to statutes of limitations. Consult the firm, immediately if you have been in an accident involving public transportation for the finest taxi, train, and bus injury lawyer we have. We will start work immediately on filing your bus, train or taxi accident claims.

Depending on the state’s no-fault laws, victims of bus, train, or taxi accidents can be compensated for personal injury by the insurance companies of those vehicles. If you or a family member has been seriously hurt in an accident involving a public or private bus, commuter train, taxi or other form of public transportation, consult an attorney immediately.

Public transit accident claims can be for:

  • Commuter train crash or derailment injuries
  • Railroad crossing accidents
  • Airport limo or taxi wrecks
  • Collisions involving hotel shuttles or hospitality vans
  • School, church or charter bus accidents
  • Workplace accident claims on behalf of injured bus drivers or railroad personnel

The firm, has some of the nation’s finest public transportation accident attorneys for filling out taxi accident claims and more in 27 cities, including Colorado Springs, San Francisco, Houston and more. We know how to settle public transportation accident cases to the complete satisfaction of the public transportation accident victim. If you have been involved in a public transportation accident, give us a call at 800-934-4LAW (4529) for a free consultation with an experienced public transportation transportation, taxi, train and bus injury lawyer.