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Settlements/Verdicts by Colorado Springs Accident Attorneys the firm
Since 1988, we have successfully handled auto accident and personal injury cases stemming from car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, dangerous premises, and aviation disasters.


Recent Case Results

The firm obtained a final settlement in July 2015 for $650,000.00 arising out of an auto accident in Colorado Springs.
The firm’s client suffered a cervical disc injury, shoulder injury and facial scarring. The auto accident occurred on Roller Coaster Road in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The firm successfully negotiated on behalf of this client for additional compensation beyond the initial amount of $600,000.00.

The firm obtained a settlement in July 2015 for $100,000.00 for an aggravation of a preexisting lumbar disc herniation.
The firm’s client experienced an aggravation of a preexisting lumbar disc herniation through no fault of their own and was able to receive settlement in the amount of $100,000.00 for compensation and damages done to the client.

The firm obtained a prompt settlement in June 2014 for $500,000.00 arising out of an auto accident in Colorado Springs.
The firm’s client was involved in an auto accident on Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs. The accident resulted in a cervical disc herniation and subsequent cervical spine surgery. The firm’s client received the $500,000.00 payment approximately 10 months after the accident occurred.

In January 2015 we obtained a $250,000.00 settlement for an auto accident in Colorado Springs.
The firm’s client suffered a cervical injury and other injuries arising from a very minor impact auto accident.

$550,000.00 settlement for disc herniation and lumbar fusion caused in a car accident.
The insurance company for the at-fault driver denied liability and stated that it would not offer any compensation for our client’s injuries. We then filed a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and, approximately one year later, his automobile insurance company settled with for $550,000.00 to compensate him for a lower back disc herniation and lumbar fusion that resulted from his car accident.

$315,000.00 settlement just before start of trial for soft tissue neck injury not surgically treated.
In case of Paolo Troccoli v. Darrell Decker, Div. 21 El Paso County District Court, another auto accident case in which our client suffered a soft tissue neck injury that was not surgically treated, and we eventually settled the case in 2013 on behalf of our client for $315,000.00. Our client was fully satisfied with our result that we obtained for him, which was only accomplished after intense litigation after inadequate offers of settlement were previously submitted by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

$311,000.00 settlement for woman who injured her lower back in motor vehicle accident.
Auto accident resulting in lower back pain, lower limb pain, and parenthesis in a car accident when an oncoming car did not respect the right of way at a stop sign. Our Client’s vehicle struck a wall before coming to a complete stop post-collision. The firm, LLP recovered $311,000.00 just weeks before trial for the injuries sustained in this motor vehicle accident.

$175,000.00 jury verdict for pedestrian struck by a vehicle
A driver of a car struck our client who was while walking across a sidewalk. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance. This client suffered soft tissues injuries to her spine and abrasions in multiple areas. Our client also experienced psychological distress due to the accident. The $175,000.00 jury verdict was recovered in favor of our client. The insurance company offered substantially less to settle the claim.

$100,000.00 settlement for young college student involved in an auto collision
The at-fault driver turned into ongoing traffic and struck our client’s. Our client suffered a broken collarbone and soft tissues injuries to her neck pain and back. She was unable to write with her dominant hand during her recovery period. She was also diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury. She was a college student and, as a result of the accident, her grades began to drop. The firm, LLP collected liability policy limits of $100,000.00 from the third party, and is continuing to obtain more compensation through an Uninsured Motorist Claim as well.

$30,000.00 settlement from parking lot collision
A 59 year-old man is injured from a parking lot accident when the at-fault driver backed into our client’s care. Our client complained of soft tissue injuries to his neck pain and lower back pain. After treating at physical therapy for a few months, he was able to recover completely. $30,000.00 was recovered from this parking lot accident.

$80,000.00 settlement from motor vehicle collision
62 year old woman was driving her car when an at fault driver, who was a minor, struck her vehicle. She had neck and upper back pain and right upper extremity symptoms. While receiving medical treatment from several providers, she was shown to have a disc herniation, disc bulge, and some decreased range of motion. The firm, LLP recovered $80,000.00.

$170,000.00 settlement for injured passenger involved in a head-on collision
Our client was riding in her daughter’s vehicle along a highway in New Mexico. She was taken to a hospital via ambulance immediately after the collision. Her spine injuries included: disc protrusions in her cervical and lumbar spine and chipped teeth and a tear in her sternum. The firm, LLP was able to recover $170,000.00 from her UIM claim.

$55,000.00 settlement for man involved in sideswipe accident
A 61 year-old man was sideswiped while trying to merge onto the highway. He suffered a cervical and lumbar strain, right shoulder pain. He also experienced decreased range of motion in his neck. Neck, shoulder, and back pain persisted for many months after the collision. The insurance company tried to settle with our client, before he retained us, for much less due to primarily ”soft tissue injures,” but with negotiation, the firm, LLP recovered $55,000.00.

$50,000.00 settlement for mother involved in motor vehicle accident
Our client was riding as passengers in a vehicle when their vehicle was rear-ended by another vehicle. She experienced neck pain, back pain, along with headaches after the collision. She went to the hospital the same day and was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries and disc bulging in the lumbar and cervical spine after taking MRIs. This case settled for policy limits of $50,000.00.

$85,000.00 settlement for woman hit by drunk driver
A driver under the influence of alcohol struck our client from behind. She suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck, shoulder and upper back pain. It was determined that her preexisting osteoarthritis became exacerbated from the collision. Her doctors believed that all the injuries were from the accident, and were able to prove it using comparative MRI reports. Fortunately, our client fully recovered after many long months of treatment. The firm, LLP was able to recover $85,000.00 on behalf of our client for her injuries and suffering.

$130,000.00. settlement just before start of trial for soft tissue injuries to neck and back. .

In the Craig Miller v. Gina DeMarco case, Div.6, El Paso County District Court, the firm, LLP received an offer of under $9,500 before we were forced to file a civil action to obtain fair compensation for our client. Thereafter, the defense tendered an increased offer of settlement for $21,000, which remained unacceptable to our client. The Jury awarded $93,180.00 on February 9, 2012, plus interest and costs and, thus, the total judgement obtain by the jury verdict, with costs and interest, was $130,692.31. Our client was overwhelming satisfied with our diligence and our willingness to stand by him to the end.

$36,000.00 settlement for woman rear-ended. Minor Impact. Auto Accident.
A 52 year-old woman sustained injury from a minor impact rear-end collision. She sustained a disc protrusion and a disc bulge, neck and upper back tenderness. She also was diagnosed with decreased range of motion in the cervical spine. After the insurance company doctor performed an Independent Medical Evaluation, the insurance company offered $36,000.00 after negotiating for several months.

A Sampling of our Verdicts and Settlements obtained by the firm and certain limited liability partners in the firm:

Disability Claim
Settlement – $4,000,000.00
The firm filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking payment of disability benefits arising from a disability insurance policy. A doctor with a disability insurance policy became disabled in his profession, but his insurance company denied his claim. After more than three years of working vigorously on the case, and just before the scheduled trial commenced, his insurance company ultimately paid him $500,000.00 up front and $139,776.00 each year, increasing at 5% annually, for approximately 25 years.

Product Liability
Settlement – $3,400,000.00
A man was injured in an auto accident because the car’s seatbelt was functioning improperly.

Wrongful Death
Settlement – $2,600,000.00
A medical malpractice led to a wrongful death.

Head Trauma
Settlement – $2,350,000.00
A child suffered brain and head trauma as a result of negligence on behalf of a tow-truck driver. The firm co-counseled with other firm in this case.

Leg Injury
Settlement – $2,000,000.00
A man was involved in a car auto accident and suffered extensive leg injuries.

Wrongful Death
Settlement – $1,558,707.78
A drunk driver ran a red light resulting in a wrongful death and neck and back injuries to five passengers.

Back Injury – Disc Protrusion and Disc Herniation
Judgment – $1,161,673.00
A man suffered lumbar disc herniation as a result of an auto accident. Subsequently, the disc herniation required surgery.

Judgment – $500,000.00
The firm took this case to trial in El Paso County. A women was involved in an auto accident resulting in a cervical disc protrusion and cervical spine surgery. The firm tried the case. The insurance company argued that she had pre-existing conditions including bone spurs, osteophytes and loss of disc height space as result of the normal aging process. The initial offer by the at-fault driver’s insurance company was $7,500.00. The highest offer to settle tendered immediately before trial was $25,000.00. Verdict: $500,000.00

Judgment – $750,000.00
The firm tried a case to a jury in February 2012 that resulted in a $750,000.00 verdict on behalf of our client who suffered a cervical disc herniation and a cervical fusion as a result of falling on ice at his apartment complex. The verdict was reduced by 40% based on our client’s contributory negligence. The highest offer to settle tendered before trial was $7,500.00.

Settlement- $402,000.00
The firm settled a case on behalf of our elderly client who sustained a disc herniation and resultant lumber fusion surgery from a rear end auto accident that caused minor damage to both vehicles.

Settlement – $300,000.00
A man fell on a cleaning liquid at McDonald’s, causing Lumbar Disc Herniation that didn’t require surgery, and for him to aggravate pre-existing knee injuries.

Settlement – $275,000.00
A man was involved in a truck accident and suffered lumbar disc protrusion that required surgery.

Inadequate Label Regarding Choking Hazard
Settlement – $1,100,000.00
The firm settled the case on behalf of a four-year old boy who choked on a balloon and suffered injuries that required future medical care. As a result of the case, there is now a warning label on all balloon packages warning consumers of the dangers of balloons to young children.

Eye Injury caused by defective product
Settlement – $1,00,000.00
The firm settled a case on behalf of a local pastor of the Church for $1,00,000.00 arising out of an eye injury he had sustained from a defective product.

Spinal Injury
Settlement – $1,000,000.00
A child sustained back and spinal injuries as a result of an auto accident.

Wrongful Death
Settlement – $1,000,000.00
An automobile accident resulted in a wrongful death.

Spinal Injury
Settlement – $1,000,000.00
The parents of a young boy placed him in a baby carrier, instead of a car seat. There was a head-on collision and the boy suffered spinal injuries.

Automobile Accident
Settlement – $950,000.00
An elderly woman was forced off the road by a timber truck.

Wrongful Death
Settlement – $750,000.00
A truck accident led to a wrongful death.

Wrongful Death
Settlement – $750,000.00
A truck’s brakes failed resulting in an intersection collision. Defendant denied liability, claiming he was unaware of the defective brakes.

Wrongful Death
Judgment – $750,000.00
Hospital/Medical Provider failed to diagnose heart complications, resulting in a heart attack. Defendant denied all liability and refused to make any settlement offers. Case was tried before a panel of three arbiters in a binding arbitration proceeding.

Arm Injury – carpal tunnel syndrome
Judgment – $660,000.00
The firm tried this case to a jury. A woman was in an accident and sustained injuries to her arm and wrist, resulting in an aggravation of her pre-existing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The highest offer tendered before trial by the defendant’s insurance company was $40,000.00. In court, the jury awarded her $660,000.00

Neck and Back Injury
Judgment – $509,785.58
A man was in a rear-end collision and sustained soft-tissue injuries to his neck and back. In court, he was awarded $509,785.58.

Back Injury
Judgment – $500,000.00
A woman was involved in an automobile accident and suffered a herniated cervical disc and needed cervical spine surgery. The defendant’s insurance company offered $7,500.00 to settle all claims, arguing pre-existing injuries. Just before trial, they offered $25,000.00. In court, the jury returned a verdict awarding our client $500,000.00 for her back injury.

Neck and Back Injury
Judgment – $460,378.00
A man was in a rear-end collision and sustained soft-tissue injuries to his neck and back. In court, he was awarded $460,378.00.

Back Injury
Settlement – $400,000.00
An elderly woman was involved in a rear-end collision that resulted in less than $1,000.00 worth of property damage, but suffered a back injury that required Lumbar Spinal Fusion.

Medical Malpractice
Judgment – $350,000.00
The firm tried this case to a jury in federal district court. A hospital improperly administered an IV of Demerol and Phenergan resulting in the patient losing use of her hand. The highest settlement offered just before trial was $10,000.00, and in court, the patient was awarded $350,000.00, by the jury plus interest in costs.

Wrongful Death
Settlement – $350,000.00
A medical malpractice led to a wrongful death.

Insurance Bad Faith – Failure to timely pay Medical Bills due under an insurance policy
Judgment – $300,000.00
The firm tried this case to a jury. An insurance company delayed 9 months in paying its policy-holder $2,500 for medical bills stemming from an auto accident.The firm, LLP filed a Bad Faith claim against the insurance company, and they offered to settle for $5,000 just before trial. The jury awarded our client $300,000.00, a verdict that was reversed by the court of appeals but later upheld and reinstated by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Fractured Hip
Settlement – $250,000.00
A 90-year old man slipped and fell on ice outside of a K-Mart which resulted in a fractured hip.

Ankle Fracture
Settlement – $250,000.00
A woman fractured her ankle after colliding with a pick-up truck that turned left in front of her. The driver of the truck was operating under the influence of alcohol.

Settlement – $300,000.00
The firm settled on behalf of a minor for $300,000 arising out of an auto accident in which she was a passenger and sustained a severe ankle fracture. The settlement was approved by the probate court in June 2013.

Back Injury
Settlement – $225,000.00
A man fell off of a ladder at a residence which resulted in the aggravation of pre-existing Lumbar Disc Disease that required surgery.

Neck and Back Injury
Settlement – $100,000.00
A man was in an automobile accident and suffered neck and back injuries. The defendant’s insurance company initially offered $250.00 to settle all claims, which he accepted. His family then advised him to consult an attorney, and we accepted his case, eventually setting aside the $250.00 settlement and later settling for $100,000.00.

Shoulder Injury – auto accident resultant in minor property damage
Settlement – $95,000.00
A low-impact collision resulted in a woman tearing her rotator cuff.

Disclaimer: Past success does not guarantee future results.

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